On Gods and Kingdoms

Since the latest transition of power in our country, we have all likely seen the divisive vitriol that has gripped the populace. Whether one agrees or disagrees with the execution of power in the current administration, the thing that has been most concerning is how divided we seem to be.  Here, I offer some thoughts … More On Gods and Kingdoms

Red Flag Warnings

Every good story has a conflict and resolution. Creation shares the same narrative. Daylight ends with the tension of dusk only to shine again in the morning. And as we’re greeted with the Santa Ana winds of late September, I’m reminded that inevitable, seasonal change is ahead (not to mention high fire danger and red flag warnings). Though the death of … More Red Flag Warnings

We Remain on the Road to Our Next Assignment…

It’s summer break from school which means that we, like many families, had the opportunity to travel, see new sights, and visit loved ones who live outside of Southern California. In June and July we packed the car with luggage, audio books, and the kids for travels to Northern California, Nevada, Utah, and Montana. We visited family and also … More We Remain on the Road to Our Next Assignment…

Crossing the Divide of the Mind and Heart

The Evangelical church seems to struggle with uniting theory (rationalism) with practice (experientialism). Either our ministries are Word-based or works-based but not both. When we are Word-based we are motivated by the acquisition of theological information and are passionate about Bible study. Our ministry efforts are exhausted by formal and informal educational models that include Sunday School classes, heady preaching, and small group studies. When we are works-based, we are passionate about passion itself. Our ministries emphasize events, activity, and programs, those things that provide us with a sensation that something is happening. … More Crossing the Divide of the Mind and Heart

Augustine & His Mom

In his fourth century autobiography, “Confessions,” the church father Augustine wrote down the words his mother Monica shared with him just before her death: “My son, for my part I find no further pleasure in this life. What I am still to do or why I am here in the world, I do not know, … More Augustine & His Mom

Easter Woes

We’re nearing the end of Holy Week and the climax of Easter Sunday. I’m sure Christians everywhere are looking forward to a weekend filled with spring weather, family get-togethers and worship of the Savior. If you’re from Nuevo, you are likely anticipating a quick jaunt to the river. While this weekend definitely gives us all … More Easter Woes